Grab your coffee and sit awhile ! My name is Tammy, this is where I'll post about fashion, family and photography. As my children have gotten older I wanted to find an outlet for my creative side so the reason for this blog. I love having the opportunity to share our stories and photos on here for friends and family to follow along. We also have little grandchildren, who all by the way still like getting their pictures taken. This makes me happy so of course you'll see bits and pieces of them on here too. I may not be the best writer or have the greatest grammar but it's safe to say that I'm sure that I'm like a lot of you and love sharing what makes me happy !


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Another Fabulous Thrift Store Find ~

Now that things are opening up more and more in our neck of the woods I'm slowly venturing out to a few of my favorite stores. Yes, besides Target I love thrift store shopping and one of my favorites is open.  I've been going a few days a week and finding some awesome deals. I think one of the reasons that I find such amazing deals is because I go often.  I take my time and really look and search through the racks of clothing. I not only buy clothes for me but I also find books, toys and trinkets for around our home.  I've even bought dishes and cups.  I'm particular with what I purchase, I thoroughly inspect everything checking zippers and buttons making sure everything works. It's a process and one that I've gotten pretty good at ! 
I found this gorgeous White House/Black Market dress and I knew I'd love it.  Due to Covid-19 they are not allowing anyone to enter the dressing room for try-ons.  I totally get it ! SAFETY FIRST ! 
But.... it's a zippered back and I wasn't sure whether I could get it zipped past my waist and it's a size 4.   I'm typically a size 6 but since walking as much as I do I've gotten down to a size 4 in some styles but not all.  I really wanted this dress and figured I'd give it a try and purchase it because one it's beautiful and secondly the price.
Voila ! After washing it and hanging it to dry I tried it on and it's a perfect fit ! 

I've always enjoyed stopping at garage sales and the thrift store is a lot like a big garage sale.
As much as I love shopping on Amazon or Tuckernuck and Anthropologie I still get super excited when I find an amazing deal and great dress for under $10.00 just like this one that I'm wearing. 

Here's to a fabulous day ! 
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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Grandparents Photo Session on the Farm !

This past weekend I had our daughter meet Ray, I and the grandkids out at our favorite little farm.  The farm where almost 2 years ago our daughter got married.  The farm that has cows, white fences, swing sets and beautiful tall trees all so perfect for photo sessions. 
I've wanted to do a session with Ray, I and our five children but it seems like someone is always out of town or doesn't have time.  I then decided to get a session with our grandkids ! Only one of the four grandkids likes having their photo taken and guess who it is ??? Yes our three year old grandson Ameer.  He's got the best smile and doesn't hesitate saying cheeeeese. 

The hubby and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary on June 8th and I have wanted to update some frames with a newer photograph of he and I ! This photo turned out perfectly and I've decided to have this one enlarged to and 8x!0 and find the perfect frame. 

Aww this one is the sweetest, Ameers little ole smile is so cute ! 
Secretly I'm sharing that he pulled down his pants a few minutes after this photo to pee.
Yikes, so glad we were out in the middle of nowhere !

I always had the best and most heartwarming relationships with all my grandparents.
Growing up they all lived fairly close to where  I lived with my parents and I got to spend time with them often. I have several nice photos of my grandparent that I had framed and now I've got them proudly displayed on our wall.  I miss them all so much but it helps when I see the photos on my wall. I'm hoping one day that our grandkids will cherish this evening with us spent capturing a few photographs.   I'd love to brag and say that pulling off this session with our grandkids was super easy.  I laugh because none of them wanted their photo taken.  There were bribes made making it somewhat a little easier. We had this session completed in maybe 15 minutes, making it quick and simple.  Any longer and things would have gotten worse.  I am finishing up one of the walls in our bedroom with a few new frames and several photos from this session and the session that I had with just Emiree and I from a few weeks back.
I'll write a post later after I get it all done. 
Have a Fabulous Day Friends !  
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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Feelings About Being A Grandma !

It's one of the best things ever, being a grandma !
I became a grandma at the age of 40 and I'd say that's a rather young but age is just a number right ?
Our oldest daughter Paige made us grandparents right after she graduated from high school.
Now 10 years later we have not one grandchild but four.
Our oldest is ten years old and the youngest is nine months old. 
I post photographs of the grandkids often on here so you've seen their sweet faces LOTS !
Back when my kids were younger I didn't know anything about blogging and oh how I wish I would have because what a perfect way to keep a journal and photograph album of every day happenings. 
I do have lots and lots of REAL photo albums though, I'm not sure if this younger generation even knows or keeps albums anymore ! 

The other night Tia (my daughter the kids aunt) and I took three of the four grandkids out to our favorite little area in Omaha.
It's the exact place where Tia (our daughter) got married 2 years ago.
We visited with the cows, played on the swing, ran around kicking the ball and of course I had to get a few photos because this area is just that pretty ! 
Miss Emiree and I got dressed in our Sunday best.
The dress that I'm wearing I scored over at J.Crew on sale for under $25.00 !
It's the pretties white dress I have !

Here we go..... finally got a pretty smile from Miss Emiree ! 

I propped Emiree up in my favorite little red chair and told Ameer to go next to her and voila look at these precious smiles !

Our sweet Ameer is kid # 3 and I wrote a post a while back about the difficulties of being the 3rd child of 4 ! He tends to be the one that sits back and feels left out a lot.
He needs my extra snuggles, my extra "I love you's" he is my sweet three year old grandson that I adore.
He like it when I kick off my shoes and run around with him chasing after the ball. 

For me personally being a grandma is the most rewarding feeling !
The grandkids see me often like every few days often, I take care of them while their mama works overnight at the hospital.
I'll admit, sometimes I'm exhausted when they go home, let's face it I'm a little older now however,
I get to be there for all the milestones, first steps, birthdays and everything in between !
I am the get on the ground and play Lincoln Logs with them grandma !  I enjoy going outdoors and playing baseball and watching Ameer run to the bases with the big smile on his face.
I also love capturing the sweet moments with my camera or Iphone and sending all the photos to their mama who might miss out on certain things.

I love this crew and I feel so incredibly blessed that I'm their grandma !

Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday Favorites !

Happy Friday ! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorites ! 
We've had the best weather these past few days and truth is that I'm loving the cooler days.
As much as I love summer here in Omaha the temps were in the 90's almost the entire month of June.
For us here in the Nebraska that's hotter than the normal for the month.
I've had several amazing photo sessions this month (sharing one below) and of course I've had my son take a few photos of ME in a few of my favorite outfits that I'm sharing here today.
My 15 year old has SKILLS.  I of course edit the photos he takes but overall he tells me where to stand and he'll tell me while shooting if the photos look too bright and whether or not we need to make adjustments to the camera settings.

1.  This gorgeous belted blue dress that I snagged online a few months ago.
I mentioned on Instagram that it's not unusual for me to be dining at a local restaurant and feel so cold. We all know how cold restaurants are and sometimes I remember to bring a sweater and sometimes I forget. Well, this dress solves the problem for me.  It's a bit of a thicker material and has a mid length sleeve.  If I happen to forget a sweater it's cool because this dress will do the job.

2.  One of my favorite candles ever is from where else ?  Bath & Body and of course they had this candle and others on sale a month ago and so I picked this one up and Strawberry Pound Cake ! They are both so good and make our home smell like summertime ! 

3.  I've mentioned this before but this moisturizer is my new favorite.  I've tried so many and this by far is one that I'll continue to use.
It's a little pricey however so worth it.  It has a SPF that even makes this perfect to wear every day to keep your skin protected. 

4.  I love love this gorgeous top that I picked up online over at Tuckernuck.  
I bought it while on sale and so worth it because it's just so classy. 

I had an adorable session with this mama and her 4 year old son this past week.  I've had a few sessions with them in the past few years but this one was special because he just turned the BIG 4 years old on this day.

Here's to a wonderful Friday Friends !
Thanks for stopping by to read my post today. 

Tammy XOXO 

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Weekend Re-Cap !

Happy Monday dear friends !
We had a fun and eventful weekend how about you all ? First off I'll start by sharing this cute dress I found over at Tuckernuck.  It's the Navy Blythe Dress in size small.  It has a high ruffle neck, back tie bow and machine washable !  Isn't it nice when you find a gorgeous dress and you get to avoid the dry cleaner.  If you haven't had an opportunity to go check out this fabulous online botique that I stumbled upon this past winter, than you're missing out.  They have such quality pieces and so many that I love. If you remember early this spring I wrote how I'm going to buy less because I want quality over quanity ! I cleaned out my closet in early March and found so many things that I wasn't wearing or had been worn once and after washing it wasn't in the best shape. I gave some away and donated a few things too. So once again I'm sticking to only ordering clothing that'll be worn lots or it's not going into my closet.   Tuckernuck is a great place to purchase clothing that's timeless, classic and chic ! Can you tell how much I love to shop with them ?

We have the prettiest little area full of trees off to the side of our apartment building and I've been using it for my shoots lately.  I'm always looking for new areas to shoot sessions and this is my new favorite. 

I love the length because it's not too short and the material is a bit thicker making it harder for gusts of wind to blow it all over ! Sometimes I order summer dresses only to have them arrive and they are paper thin.  Not necessarily see through but just thin.

I mentioned on Saturday's post how much I loved this summertime look.  If you'd like to see more on this post head over HERE.

We had the grandkids most of the weekend while their mama worked.
This big kid loves playing baseball and had so much fun out in the backyard.
It kept Ameer busy for an hour or more !

I'm loving his big ole smile !

He's giving his little sister some kisses ! 

Emiree turns 9 months old on Tuesday June 23rd.
I can't get over what a big girl she is.

The hubby had a fabulous Father's Day, he was showered with gifts and all kinds of love.
Our kids are so thankful that they have the best dad in the world !
I didn't take any photos of the celebration because truth is he hates pictures so I probably made his day but not insisting on a photo or two ! 

Here's to a fabulous Monday !

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

My Favorite Summertime Look !

Happy Saturday !
I love a beautiful top that can be worn with shorts, long skirts and even a pair of white jeans and that totally makes a statement.  I usually sport around a t-shirt during the day especially when I have the grandkids.   In reality who wants to get food and drool all over a gorgeous top ? Sure enough not me. So on days when I know I have errands to run or to feel like I'm dressed up a little fancier than my usual this is the outfit I go for.
This top I found over on Tuckernuck AND on sale.  It's lightweight and has a beautiful square neckline.
I've been working hard on losing a few pounds and now that I've slimmed down a bit more I'm much more comfortable in shorts. I still have more weight to lose but it's a start ! 
These shorts I scored over at J.Crew and I love the length, they aren't too long for my short self.
My wedges I got from JackRogers ! 

When my beautiful top matches with my coffee mug ! 

I've had my straw handbag for  a couple of years and I still love it.
I found it over on Amazon for under 30.00.

Our weather here in Omaha cooled down a little these past few days and it makes me happy.
It seems like we've had the hottest June ever, most days have been in the mid 90's.
It's time for a little break from the extreme heat.

Hoping that you have the best weekend ever. 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits !

Happy Tuesday friends ! 
Here's a bit of a life lately post, I name it Tuesday Tidbits.
Grab your coffee and sit back because this is a long one.

Over the weekend my daughter Tia and I took all four of the grandkids to my favorite little farm here in Omaha.  Tia and Tony got married here so it's truly a special place.
It's full of trees, green grass, white fences, hills and yes cows. 
We love this little area and it's perfect for some great photographs.

Truth is this little guy was getting antsy, he jumped up and decided to run to the tree.
Tia said "mom capture him in his element". so glad I did because this is truly my favorite photo ! 

I can't get over this cuteness.  Mia is such a great big sister !
I got a lot of really good photos. 
I like getting canvases made and so does their mama.

We have a little patio off of our bedroom and many mornings I open the door and enjoy a cup of coffee out here. 

Of course I've been wearing my favorite dress.  This Persifor dress was a splurge but well worth it causes it's the comfiest dress ever.

We've been spending mornings out on our front patio before it heats up.
We go out early and the grandkids usually follow me out there.
We look for bunnies and birds. 
Mia captured these photos of Emiree and I ! 

This girl thinks she's grown.  LOL, she wanted to play a few educational games on my laptop and she loved it.  She helps me so much with Emiree and I love rewarding her with little things like getting to use the laptop. 

I finally went and got a few flowers to plant into our pots on the patio.
I love having flowers and lots of greenery on our patio.
In the summer I spend lots of evenings reading outside and so having it look pretty is the best. 

I've been walking earlier than my usual.
I like getting my walk over with before it starts getting warm.
Also..... I've really kicked my walking into the next level.
Two walks a day are helping me shed a few pounds. 

Well.... that's all I have.

Have a wonderful day ! 

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