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What's Up Wednesday !

Happy Wednesday ladies.
We had more sunshine today and so that meant this lady ran outdoors for a quick photo session.
Guess who my photographer has been lately ?
Mr. Bryton AKA my son.
He's 14 and I'm convinced that he's doing a great job with the camera and angles.
Well anyway......
I'm sharing this fun little jumpsuit today with you all.
I ordered it from Amazon about a month ago.
What drew me to it at first was the colors and the palm leaves. However I'm not convinced that it's the most flattering one on me. 
I have several other jumpsuits that fit me better, but this print is perfection for the summer.

I chose to wear a bright deep pinkish necklace to add some pop of color.

It was a tab bit windy today so of course my hair is flying all over in 9 out of the 15 photographs Mr. B snapped of me.

Besides the fact that I can hardly contain myself for our upcoming trip I've been getting more and more requests for photo sessions. This always makes my day/week and month when my calendar fills up.
I did a bit of advertising on Facebook and everyone has been so kind to share my link.

I had the grandchildren last night and so you all know that means that I'll be going to bed extra early tonight.

Hoping that you are having a glorious day !

Tuesday Tidbits !

Happy Tuesday ladies.
I stopped by Marshall's and found this adorable dress.  I took around 7-8 dresses into the dressing room and this is the only one that looked okay on me. 
The struggles of being a bit lot short ! 
A few of the dresses were really short on me and then I had a few that were just way too long.  This is the only dress that hit me right at the knee where I like my dress length.

I found these pretty blue earrings at Marshall's a few months ago, I think they go great with this dress. And my purse is from Amazon.

drum roll please........
Today is our oldest grandsons birthday.
9 years ago this sweet boy was born.
I took cookies up to the school for his class earlier today and the smile on his face was priceless. 
He has the kindest heart ever.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of dog sitting again.
Our grand dog is so cute and overall very well behaved but I was worried about him chewing on my furniture and having to potty so I literally slept with one eye open.
I love having him over, he has such spunk !

Here's to a sunshiny day around here.

I'm heading out for an afternoon walk.
How about you what are your plans today?

Life Lately !

When we drive over to Santa Monica from Las Vegas one of my goals is to get a few many photos of Ray and I walking on the beach at sunset.
We are celebrating our 29 year anniversary this June and I'd love love to get a few canvases made of Ray and I on the beach together.
Well, I made my way to several shops last night to try on a few dresses.  This one came home with me and is a contender however I'm not at all done searching for the perfect dress.  I'm considering splurging a little on a Lilly Pulitzer dress because "Why Not" ?  I'm considering these few what do you think ?

# 1 & 2 are my favorite ! 

This is my life lately..
If I don't have the three grandchildren over for the evening I have the grand dog !!! 
This is our sons new furry friend Kelo.

My mornings (when I don't wake up with grandchildren) look like this.
I typically sit at my computer and check emails and read posts by some of my favorite bloggers.

I am going to try using this tanning lotion this week to see what kind of glow I get from using it.
I don't want to be orange on our trip in a few weeks so figured that I'd try this safe way of tanning before we leave just in case.
Any suggestions on what the best tanning cream is ?

My daughter had a Purely Party a few weeks ago and as a benefit for placing a large order I received a few Freebies ! This Balancing Toner is amazing.  I'm always worried trying new products on my face.  As I've gotten older my skin is less oily and more on the dry side.  I don't typically use a toner on my face however, I tried this stuff and wow it smells great and didn't burn or irritate my skin.

This lip polish is amazing too !
Have you heard of Purely ??
If not I'm sharing the link here go see what all the fuss is ! 

Happy Thursday Friends ! 

Tuesday Tidbits !

We are finally seeing warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine here in Omaha.
And of course I'm more than ready for this weather to stick around.
As always I made my weekly trip to the thrift store "Hand Me Ups". While there I 
 found this beautiful Lush Top and.... in my size.
I'm always on the hunt for tops that scream spring/summer especially since we'll be taking our trip soon. This top will be coming with me.
I have it on with a skirt however I might take a pair of capri pants with me for more comfort.

I went to Target and did a little grocery shopping this morning.  I always buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and today was no different.  These beautiful tulips made the way home with me.

We've been enjoying this weather here in Omaha. I've taken several long walks, sat outside to get some much needed sunshine.  I recently ordered some tanning lotion from Mary Kay.  I use to spend a lot of time in a tanning bed getting that golden color but not anymore !!! Nope, so hoping that this tanning lotion adds some color to my pasty legs.  The grandchildren have been here too, they keep us busy but oh my goodness they are my little loves.

I've had several photo sessions that have gone perfectly.
I have several more booked for the next two weekends.
I love love meeting new families and I always enjoy when my repeat customers come back.
If you'd like to see my work click on my photography link on my sidebar.

Hoping you are having a fantastic week my friends.

What's Up Wednesday !

My oh my how this week is flying by and I'm not complaining.
I'm counting down the weeks until we are in the air and heading to the west coast. 
In the meantime I'm sharing a few recent purchases with you ladies.
First things first, this bottle of Purely All Purpose Cleaner has been on my radar for awhile.
My daughter hosted a Purely party recently and I decided to add it to my order. If you would like to learn more about Purely Products here's a link  PURELY.
I've slowly been making the switch to safe products in my home. It started with my love for BeautyCounter Products because hello we need safer products for our skin.  
Now I'm slowly adding essential oils to the mix as well as safer cleaners too.
So, Purely has more than essential oils so click on the link and learn more.

If you've been on any social media I'm sure you've scene all the fuss over essential oils. I'm listening and decided to buy a few oils to see what it's all about.

I'm not sure I know as much as I should about these oils so I'm relying on my daughters mother in law to help educate me on how to use oils the safe way.
So many oils need to be mixed with a carrier oil in order to apply directly to your skin.  
I will most likely use my diffuser to diffuse oils however I've heard several are perfect to put on your skin, like Lavender for example.

I found an inexpensive diffuser at Marshall's and I love how easy it is to use.
You can find some really cool ones on Amazon too.
Eventaully I'd like to add one to our bedroom, my husband has difficulty sleeping and there's an oil out there for that I'm sure of it !!!!

Ladies, my love for a good jumpsuit continues.
Amazon didn't disappoint, I found this one for under $25.00.

I always find the prettiest earrings at Marshall's and TJmaxx.  Both stores typically have a great selection of jewelry. 
These earring I found were $10.00 and match my new jumpsuit perfectly,

Hoping your day has been fabulous !

Another Great Amazon Find !

Trying to decide what to take along with me on our trip in a few weeks is so much fun. 
I've been searching Amazon for some pretty floral jumpsuits as well as a few rompers.
I got one of my orders in the mail and decided to give this beauty a try on.
Again, a jumpsuit is a no-brainer. 
I have a few that have a zipper and I'm not a huge fan of the zipper but these bandage ties on this jumpsuit makes it a lot easier for me to get in and out of ! The zippers have me struggling.

I ordered my first straw hand bag. Again, Amazon isn't disappointing me this season. I'm finding so many wonderful pieces.
It will be such a fun addition to my summer outfits as well as when we travel to Vegas and California next month.

It's warming up a bit here in Nebraska. 
Today the sun is shining and I'm wearing a short sleeved top and I'm not a bit cold.
We are celebrating my husbands 55th birthday today at our daughters home.
She and her husband are putting together a fabulous dinner/barbeque.

Have a wonderful day friends ! 

Tuesday Tidbits !

Ladies,  when you find something that really works why not stick with it ?
I've said this before and I'll say it again, sometimes it pays to get out of your comfort zone.
Seriously a few months ago I would never have purchased a jumpsuit.  Being incredibly short in stature I just felt it would be too much.  
But hello.......
I'm loving these jumpsuits that I've been purchasing from Amazon.
This one has to be my favorite.
Funny story....
My hubby informed me that the blue/white jumpsuit that I was wearing the other day was actually see through.
Ha, whoops. 
This navy blue one I'm wearing is a bit better quality and so I've asked him to make sure it's not see through and he reassured me that it's not.

I saw an advertisement for Dunkin Donuts and this PEEPS DONUT in particular and so of course I ran out and got one for myself and one for B.
I'm a huge fan of Peeps. 
I know they make some in my family nauseous but not me I could eat 10 and he in a sugar coma. 

I've wanted a straw handbag for awhile and I recently found this beautiful JOSEKO handbag for a great price.  It'll be perfect to take along on my trip to the West Coast in May.
Did I not tel you all ??
The hubs, Bryton and I will be heading to Vegas and California for a week in May.
Ray and I met in Vegas 30 years ago and we've only been back on other time in our 28 years of marriage. 
So, we'll be there but also renting a car and driving to Santa Monica/Venice Beach for a full day of sightseeing.

Happy Tuesday friends.

I have a photo session later today and praying that the weather here in Omaha cooperates.
Give us warmer temps and sunshine and we'll be so thankful.