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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

My Favorite Forever 21 Sweater !

I never in a million years ever thought that I'd step into Forever 21.  I guess I've seen ads and they always depict the younger girls wearing clothes that showed half of their stomachs, jeans that had a gazillion holes in them and the store truly never appealed to me. My sister who is so into fashion and loves the trends shops this store a lot.  I was with her in Des Moines at the mall and she went in and of course not wanting to be left out I followed her into the store.  As I looked around I saw a few things that I knew I wanted to try on. I saw this sweater along with a burgundy and evergreen one hanging on a rack and knew right away it would be so comfy.   I wear it all fall because its warm and stylish.  Truth is I got it a few years back so I'm not sure if they even have it now but if they have it other colors I may pick up another one.

Do you shop Forever 21 ? If so what's something that you recently purchased, I'd love to know. 

Oh how I'm loving this weather.  We've got all the fall temps going on today.  The leaves are all turning colors and it's making me so incredibly happy.  
I always thought I was more of a summer gal,  I love the warmth and sunshine but as I get older and that over 50 years old body that I have I experience those incredibly annoying heat flashes so I'm loving fall much more than I use to.

Hoping you are having a fabulous week.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Life Lately !

I love love these two girls.  Little Miss Mia is about to have a birthday this month and she'll be turning 8 years old.  She's a fabulous big sister and love loves holding her new baby sister.
I know it might get old for some of you, hearing over and over how much I love being a grandma, but I truly do.  

Jordan came over to our home this past weekend and took Kelo out to the lake for a good run.

I love a good denim jacket and this one my sister gave me a few years ago  I wearnon repeat because it's that comfortable.
The dress I'm wearing is from Target, I decided to add my belt this time and I think it makes a huge difference it adds a touch of fun.

Look who came with me to watch his uncles football game.  You got it.... Jai'Vier and I went and watched Brytons game this past week.  Bryton is really really good and it's so much fun seeing him play receiver. 

On Sunday afternoons we attend Jai'Viers football games.  It was such a beautiful Sunday, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the 60's making it a great day for his team to WIN !!!!
Our guy is a running back and does such a great job.  We are so proud ! 

This guy here was a running back in high school and college and he's watching his nephew out there on the field play the sport we all love so much ! 

Our weekend was a great one.  Between watching football games on t.v. and attending our grandsons game I spent some time trying to recuperate from a cold or allergies, I'm not sure yet which one it is.  All I know is that I'm coughing and my nose is stuffed up.  We ordered an air purifier and I have it plugged in and on full speed.  I'm praying that I'm not allergic to our dog, this would cause a lot of issues because we love him so much.   So we decided to try the air purifier and we'll take it from there. 
Here's to a fabulous week friends. 

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Allegra K Slim A- Line Dress !

Happy Monday friends ! 
We are having fabulous weather and I'm loving it.
I need to slow down a little, I've been ordering so much from Amazon.  All of which of course I'm loving. 
This dress is a new fabulous find and I'm loving everything about it.  It has a fantastic bow and I love bows !

I thought I spotted a giant spider.  Hence, the reason for this look.  
I'm not a fan of insects and so the slightest sight sends me into a panic.

I've got something in the works.  I can't share all the details now but I promise to eventually.
There's a saying "Reach for the Sky" and that's what I plan on doing. 

Tia and I went to one of my favorite parks here in Omaha and she snapped a few photos of me wearing this Allegra K slime A-Line Dress.  It's perfect for the not so chilly fall afternoon. I would also wear it out in the evening to a dinner with the hubs.

I hope you have a fabulous day ! 
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Saturday, October 5, 2019

My Favorite Leopard Print Tops !

TJ Max and Marshall's both have some amazing leopard prints hanging on their racks in the stores right now.  I'm seeing lots shoes, belts, tops and handbags in this print and I'm loving it all. I posted a last week my love for a second top that I'm wearing on repeat and I've added a few photos below to show you once again how fabulous it is.  
 With the cooler temps outside these past few days I've been on the hunt for a great leopard print jacket too.  And why not ??
This cute top I bought recently and I've worn it on repeat. It's comfortable and is perfect to wear  while running errands. It's washes easily, I don't usually put a lot of my tops in the dryer for the fear of them shrinking, however I accidentally forgot to set this one aside and yep it went into the dryer but look it's perfect.  It came out of the dryer in one piece and no shrinkage. 

This gorgeous leopard print top I scored on Amazon.  It was under 20.00 and I'd love to order one for my sweet sister.  She mentioned how much she likes it ! 
I'm not sure about you but a fun animal print on a handbag makes me happy too.

Hoping you are having a fabulous weekend friends. 
I'm looking forward to football this weekend and my sister in laws birthday party tomorrow. 

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Life Lately !

I've got all the fall feelings around here this week.  Maybe it's because we are finally having cooler temps the past few days.  The cool crisp mornings and evenings are so wonderful,  I've been sipping on some apple cider while listening to the leaves move outside.  I have lots of little pumpkins scattered throughout our home along with some cute little do dads that say "happy fall" !
I wait all week for college football on Saturdays.  Our son plays college ball just like his older brother did and like their father did.  I'm sure I've said it before on here I love me some football. 

Homegoods has some a lot of amazing fall decorations and I made a recent stop there and picked up a few things.  Fall candles are the best ever,  I love the smell of pumpkin, apple and cider.  This candle here smells so good. 
I enjoy having a few candles burning in the evenings when we have all finished dinner and we are relaxing around the tv.

I'm really into the cheetah/leopard print this fall and I found my Apple Watch band, my belt and my gorgeous earrings on Amazon all for great prices.

Our sweet angel baby Emiree was over and I held her for a straight hour.  Yep, her mom had to go get her eyelashes done and I volunteered to keep her.  

I love love being a grandma ! This little girl is surrounded by so much love.  Ameer (our 3 year old) grandson is adjusting slowly.  He wasn't thrilled that he has to share his mama with a new baby. 
We've encouraged him to hold her and slowly he's coming around.

Ameer is the cutest little 3 year old I know.  He loves dancing and I casually caught him in one of his little dances.  
Isn't he cute ???

Like anything having a home full of laughter and joy is so important and I think that as long as Ameer realizes he's loved so much he'll be just fine. Life is full of adjustments ! 
Happy Thursday ~

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Monday, September 30, 2019

Another Dress That I'm Loving !

I found this dress while watching one of my favorite bloggers share her Amazon Haul on Instagram Stories. She has one of the best styles and I love love seeing her Amazon Hauls, I find myself adding so much of what she shares to my cart.  I find most of my shopping anymore is done on Amazon and why not ? They make it easy and so affordable.
I love the material and the colors are perfect for this fall ! I know it's a halter dress but with a cute jean jacket thrown over top makes it perfect to wear on a fall afternoon while running errands. 

Here I am wearing one of my favorite jean jackets over the top the dress.
So once again, it's so pretty for fall and I'm sure that I'll even wear a burgundy cardigan with it too.

Today I got to hold my newest granddaughter all morning long while her mom was getting her lashes done.
I am not complaining at all because little baby snuggles are my favorite. She is the tiniest little girl and I could love on her all day long.  

We are having a warmer day than normal for this time of year.
I really want the cool crisp air that comes with fall.

Have a fabulous day !


Friday, September 27, 2019

Wearing Leopard !

Wearing this leopard print top that I found while looking on Amazon has me feeling like I need a date night soon with the hubby.  It's such a fun and flirty top. The light weight material is perfect for the fall season and would also look fabulous with a black vest over top in the evenings when it's a bit cooler outdoors. Speaking of date nights... since I was in Phoenix for what seems like the entire past month the hubby and I are in desperate need of a date night.  With fall officially in full swing here in Nebraska we are spending most of our Saturdays at our sons football games and of course watching the Huskers play in the evenings on t.v. so I guess these times together count as dates. 

My handbag was a purchase from my favorite thrift store here in Omaha.
It's such a fun and simple fall handbag.

I recently went in for an eye exam and I was told exactly what I had expected to hear.
My eyesight has gotten worse since last year.  It's to be expected with age, I guess.....
I decided this time to go with a bigger and bolder frame.  I chose this Lacoste frame because I loved how it looked.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here but a month ago before I left for Flight Attendant Training in Phoenix I actually went in and ordered contact lenses.
I could not get them in my eyes.  Why did I have such a difficult time ? I guess while growing up we are always told not to put things in our eyes.  So sticking my finger in my eyeball just seems odd.
No big deal because I don't mind wearing eye glasses. 

My top and belt are both recent Amazon purchases that I'm confident will get a ton of wear.  The belt looks fabulous worn with my favorite dress that I'll share with you all soon.  The dress is another Amazon purchase. 
Hoping you all enjoy this weekend !
We'll be cheering on our Huskers and of course I'll be watching my son Payton play tomorrow too !

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