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Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Few of My Favorite MK Products !

It's no secret that I love skincare and make-up.  I've been using Mary Kay Products for years and I love so many but today I thought I'd share my daily go to's. 
As I've gotten older the lines (wrinkles) on my forehead and around my eyes haven't gone away with any of the creams that I've used.  I have tried tons of different products and they all claim to do the trick and make them less noticeable.
Until I saw a photograph of a before and after of a client who used the Mary Kay Timewise Repair Advanced Firming Serum on my MK consultants Facebook page I wasn't convinced it would do the job.  However.....I was blown away by the photo and decided to add it to my daily routine because why not try one more promising product.  I'm so glad that I made the purchase because I've seen a huge difference in my skin.  Each morning I cleanse my face with the MK Timewise repair foaming cleanser, I put a pea size amount onto my Clarisonic 2.  After cleansing I put another pea size amount of the volu-firm advanced lifting serum on my face in an up upward motion and I let it sit for a few minutes then I apply my moisturizer. 
 I've finally found the right combination for my skin problems and would highly recommend reaching out to a Mary Kay consultant for samples ! 

My Clarisonic Mia 2.  I love this thing and it's something I use everyday !

I've been using the MK Vitamin C Activating Squares a few nights a week too.
They are dissolvable squares that simply only need 3-4 drops of water added to it.
I swear these have helped with look and feel of my skin. 
I order these every 2 months they come in a pack of 10, I'm pretty sure. 

These are my daily go to products from Mary Kay.

Amazon for the WIN !
The sleeveless knotted top will be a summertime staple.
Also the white pull on jeans are super comfortable.

Have a wonderful Thursday friends ! 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Birthday Fun !

First off look how cute these two girls are.  I love nothing more than being a grandma to all four of our grankdids.  These two girls are my world and I thank their mama every day for bringing them into this world.  
I have more fun snapping photos of them and dressing them up in clothes that their mama never would wear.  LOL, I laugh but at the time having our oldest child be a girl I had looked forward to dressing her up in all the dresses, headbands and hair bows but she wasn't having it ! She was more on the tom boy side and loved sports and didn't much enjoy the girly stuff.
my grandaughter Jimmia (Mia) is such a girly girl and I love it and her !
She loves playing dress up, putting on my make-up and wearing my heels. 
It's so fun watching her enjoy all the things that I especially love to.

The hubby turned 56 on April 6th.  We had a small gathering due to the Coronavirus, keeping it small was important. 
The kids all pitched in and grabbed Hooters Hot Wings and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.
It was all soooo good !  Even though celebrating was kept small I think Ray had an amazing day. 

Here's a quick photo (kinda blurry) of some of our kids wishing Ray a happy birthday !
Tia dropped off the food and left and so we Facetimed her when singing Happy Birthday to Ray.

Here's to another year !

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Weekend Re-Cap !

We are at Monday again ! This week and last week seemed to go by slowly.  Maybe it's because we are quaratined and life is somewhat boring !   As much as I love getting things accomplished that before this all happened seemed like it would always be put off, I really wish things were back to normal for our country and so many others ! Life is difficult and somedays I'm so incredibly sad listening to the news and hearing about so many that have passed away.
I am trying to get up and dressed each day and not just in sweats or work out clothes. I ventured out and had my son take a few photos of me in a t-shirt dress that I purchased last year.  I never got around to wearing it, truth is it was a bit snug last spring.  I decided to try it on yesterday and I  was pleasantly surprised, I liked it and it was worth getting a photograph of me wearing it.

In happier news it's my husbands birthday ! He's the BIG 56 and looks amazing.
We celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this coming June.
I always say we are better together. 

On Sundays and Mondays we have the grandkids and this is when I try to grab my camera and photograph them.  This sweet pea is 6 months and has the sweetest little personality !
Oh my goodness she is soooo loved. 

I'm leaving ya with a silly little smile from Mr. Ameer.  He's always up to something, I joke somewhat but I call him Dennis The Menace.  Have you all seen that movie ?
It's my little Ameer :)

Have great day ! 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Favorites !

Happy Friday Friends ! I'm choosing JOY over FEAR today, how about you ?  I got myself dressed early this morning and reminded myself to let go of the fear I'm feeling and know that God is in control ! Trust in him !
It's sometimes easier said than done though, I know. 

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorites with you all and linking up with some amazing ladies for Friday Favorites ! 

Now....Let me tell you how awesome this top is that I ordered from Tuckernuck a few weeks ago.
I love the little ruffle and the square neckline and let me not forget the color.  Give me all the blue and white and I'm happy happy ! 

Now onto haircare.  This Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner has been a huge game changer.
I've been using it for over a month now and my hair has never felt so amazing.
It's pricey but I promise you one thing, if you have overly processed hair and want to keep it from breaking this stuff is for you. 
My stylist suggested I purchase it, she mentioned the price and of course I cringed. 
I don't like spending so much but she reminded me of how much it would help my current hair situation. 
The Olaplex Bonding Oil I purchased months and months ago is just as awesome !
I put a tad bit onto my hands and rub it through the ends of my hair after blow drying and it helps with fly aways and those pesky grays that like to stand straight up ! 

I've been using my wax warmers more lately.  I go a few months only using my essential oils & diffusers and get bored and decide to switch it up & use the wax melts.  Target has a great selection of warmers priced between $9-19.99.  
Also... a great spring/summer scent is Pina Verbena. Oh my goodness it sells so good.

Hoping you are all figuring out how to cope with staying home.
We've been playing cards, reading, eating and eating some more.
The weather here today is crappy and so my walk isn't happening today, but there's always tomorrow!

Here's hoping for some much needed sunshine this weekend. 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits !

How sweet is this pineapple wax warmer ?  I had several Scentsy Warmers but in our move a few years ago a few of my favorites were broken and I knew I'd eventually need to replace them.  Well.... I happened to come across this one at Target for $15. 
They have an amazing selection of warmers ranging from $9 -19.00 !
I placed this new warmer on my night stand and I think the gold really makes it pop !

Target has some of the most fragrant wax melts. I recently picked up this Pina Verbena and it smells heavenly. 
I usually add two of the squares to my warmers and the fragrance lasts for 24-48 hours.

Sweet little Miss Emiree finally smiled for me.
She's still cutting teeth the poor thing. 
She's officially 6 months old.  Like, how did that happen ?

Have a great day frineds ! 


Monday, March 30, 2020

Weekend Re-Cap !

Well ladies it's Monday again and it seems like I've gotten into a pretty good routine.
It helps that I wake up early everyday because it gives me "ME TIME" it's always been something I've done since the older kids were little.  That little window of at least one hour before kids wake up and the days starts to get busy is so important for me to have.
Here's a quick update on things around our place.
Bryton is the only one we have left at home and since there's been no school I let him sleep in.  I had all intentions of keeping him some what on a school routine but in all honesty in wasn't working after day 1 
He checks his email and does the work that is required at least that's what he's telling me.
We've gotten into a habit of playing Spades (the card game) every afternoon.
We've also gotten into Ray's work out program.  My hubby is a former college athlete and of course he's all about great health. So sitting around all day just isn't going to work for any of us. 
I mentioned it in a few posts but I've been walking between 3 and 6 miles each day.  I needed this more than I could have imagined.

On Sunday morning I got myself dressed up because friends we had sunshine and warmer temps. 
This is huge because all week the weather here in Omaha was rainy and dreary.

Old dress from Shein but love it and decided to wear my white blouse over top.

I ordered this adorable dress from Tuckernuck and knew right away I'd get a lot of wear out of it.
It's the perfect summertime dress.

I download screensavers to my computer each month FREE from Designer Blogs.
This one is very basic but they have a lot of them that you'd love !
GO here and grab yours ! 

Over the weekend I realized that my moisturizer was running low.  I've seen so many great reviews on the TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Lifting Serum.  I'm super excited to try it and see what the results are. Have you tried this stuff ? 

My oldest granddaughter loves playing dress up and I don't mind it one bit.
I have several  lots of dresses that just don't fit me anymore and so they make for the perfect dress up clothes for her. Those sunglasses she's wearing are one's that I picked up in Arizona when I was there for FA Training.  I love them but they are awfully big on my face. 

I've been getting all my daily walks in, not even taking a break over the weekend !
I feel so much better now that I've got my body moving.

This sweet boy loves playing on the Wii ! DO you all remember the Wii ? It's super fun and keep him entertained with bowling which he loves.

On Sunday afternoon my favorite flight attendants and I had a group Facetime ! We all stay in touch (mostly on Instagram) and it was Lyka's Birthday so we chatted and sang Happy Birthday to her !!
When I first met this group I knew we'd be life long friends.  A few of them were working (flying) so they couldn't join our chat.  
What a perfect way to end the weekend !
Have a great day friends ! 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Life Lately !

I've been trying to keep a daily routine because right now in life a routine should be simple since we are home 24/7.
I get up read my devotional, drink my coffee, call my sister so we can chat while she's driving home from work. I start a load of laundry, eat some breakfast and watch a little CNN to find out about any new happenings regarding the Coronavirus.
I also walk about 3.11 miles each day.  Not only is it refreshing getting outdoors but I also clear my head and of course I'm burning calories.  I subscribe to Audible and I have several books on my iphone that I've been  listening to while on my 50 minute walk.
I recently listened to Demi Moore "Inside Out" and now I'm listening to Jessica Simpson "Open Book" 
DO you subscribe to Audible ? If so what books would you recommend ?

I bought the blue top from Anthropologie a month ago and got it on major sale.  
It's flattering on and I'm especially loving it because it's loose around the tummy area. 
I've been doing about 60 sit ups daily and NO NO not all of them at once.  I do 20-25 in the early morning and 20-25 in the mid afternoon and then 20 before bed. 
I struggle with that little bit of extra weight in my mid section. Anything to try and get ready for swimsuit weather. 

This sweet baby girl is teething and it's tough.
We had her the other evening and she woke up every few hours and I know it's because her gums are hurting.  Her hands and fingers are always in her mouth and she's been running a slight temp.
I feel so bad because I know it's tough on her right now. 
Her mama bought her a couple of teething toys and they help.

I usually get a few smiles from Miss Emiree but not this time.
She wasn't smiling for nothing. 

Oh Ameer !!!!! 
Where do I begin with you. 
You are at an age where one minute you're the sweetest, kindest loving little boy and the next minute you're screaming & calling someone names, sometimes naughty names !
You love playing on the Wii and you're pretty good at it.
You love eating cereal when you come over to visit.
You love your little sister so much.

Have a wonderful Thursday !

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