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Venice Beach !

Last week was one of the very best times ever for Bryton, Ray and I.
I'm sure if you've watched my Instagram Stories you heard me on repeat talking about our trip that I had planned.
Today I'm sharing some pictures from our day over in California at Venice Beach to be exact.
Venice Beach is exactly what I had imagined it would be.
Very beautiful, the beaches have some of the prettiest soft sand.  The day we were there (Tuesday May 11th) the sun was shining and the temperature was just perfect.  
The sand is some of the softest sand, I actually sat on the beach and just moved my feet around in the sand while looking at the waves hitting the beach.

I have always wanted to walk the beach with my husband and this trip we made it happen.  
I said it before and I'll say it again..... we have five children and we had never really had the money to make a trip like this with them all.  As much as we would have loved it Bryton, our youngest was the lucky one. He loved every minute, he'd never flown and he's never seen the ocean.  His expression when he saw the beach was a moment that I'll never forget. 

He had hoped that he'd have the opportunity to play a little basketball on Venice Beach.
This nice man let him shoot around a little. 

I had never heard of Muscle Beach.  I guess people work out here and everyone stands around watching them. On the afternoon we were there we saw two men with huge muscles working out but I felt it would be odd to take pictures of them. 

I had always dreamed of getting a picture of us on the beach and hanging it in a gorgeous frame in our home.
I had several photos printed out when we got back home and this one I love so much.

Brytons nickname is BNELS and he wrote it in the sand.
I will share more from our trip because I have so much to share and so many wonderful pictures.
Tomorrow I'll share the pictures from our trip over to Newport Beach !!! It was so wonderful and I have some amazing pictures. 

Happy Monday friends !

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