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Scottsdale Arizona !

Good morning friends !
We are enjoying a few days off this weekend from Flight Training here in Arizona.
It's been nice to sleep in a little and actually spend some time sight seeing while here.
We took an Uber to Scottsdale on Friday night.  The ride from Tempe to Scottsdale took maybe 20 minutes total.
It was still a scorching hot evening but with the sun down it seemed better than if we'd been out at 2 in the afternoon.

We were dropped of by Nordstroms and decided to go walk around the fabulous Fashion Mall.
Oh my goodness.....
We don't have store like Lululemon, Ted Baker, Zarah and so many others.  It was so beautiful and a lady and I made our way back to the mall on Saturday and grabbed a small lunch and a quick run into Sephora.

We begin our full week of training on Monday.  I passed my firs test.  Yay and yay ! It was actually pretty easy.  This next one that we have on Wednesday will be the big one.  It's a huge test from what we all understand. 
As I've said in earlier posts, this training is intense and it will test our patience.
I'm trying to continue to study my material all day long and become familiar with everything.

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Have a fabulous day !


Julie | This Main Line Life said...

Sounds like a really fun time. I've never been to Arazona or anywhere in the west except California.

Girl Meets Bow said...

I’ve only been to Scottsdale once but I loved it! Such a cool city! Enjoy!

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