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Allegra K Slim A- Line Dress !

Happy Monday friends ! 
We are having fabulous weather and I'm loving it.
I need to slow down a little, I've been ordering so much from Amazon.  All of which of course I'm loving. 
This dress is a new fabulous find and I'm loving everything about it.  It has a fantastic bow and I love bows !

I thought I spotted a giant spider.  Hence, the reason for this look.  
I'm not a fan of insects and so the slightest sight sends me into a panic.

I've got something in the works.  I can't share all the details now but I promise to eventually.
There's a saying "Reach for the Sky" and that's what I plan on doing. 

Tia and I went to one of my favorite parks here in Omaha and she snapped a few photos of me wearing this Allegra K slime A-Line Dress.  It's perfect for the not so chilly fall afternoon. I would also wear it out in the evening to a dinner with the hubs.

I hope you have a fabulous day ! 

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Girl Meets Bow said...

This dress is simply perfect on you! The cut, the shape... perfection!

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