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My Favorite Forever 21 Sweater !

I never in a million years ever thought that I'd step into Forever 21.  I guess I've seen ads and they always depict the younger girls wearing clothes that showed half of their stomachs, jeans that had a gazillion holes in them, t-shirts made from cheap material and honestly the store truly never appealed to me. My sister who is so into fashion and loves the trends shops this store a lot.  I was with her in Des Moines at the mall and she went in and of course not wanting to be left out I followed her into the store.  As I looked around I saw a few things that I knew I wanted to try on. I saw this sweater along with a burgundy and evergreen one hanging on a rack and knew right away it would be so comfy.   I wear it all fall because its warm and stylish.  Truth is I got it a few years back so I'm not sure if they even have it now but if they have it other colors I may pick up another one.

Do you shop Forever 21 ? If so what's something that you recently purchased, I'd love to know. 

Oh how I'm loving this weather.  We've got all the fall temps going on today.  The leaves are all turning colors and it's making me so incredibly happy.  
I always thought I was more of a summer gal,  I love the warmth and sunshine but as I get older and that over 50 years old body that I have I experience those incredibly annoying heat flashes so I'm loving fall much more than I use to.

Hoping you are having a fabulous week.


Julie | This Main Line Life said...

That sweater's really cute. I know what you mean about forever 21. I would never think of it for women our age either and honestly, walking in there gives me a headache. Ours is a complete mess most of the time. My teen likes that store though so I go in with her and I've seen a number of things that I really like.

Girl Meets Bow said...

I’m super jealous of your weather! It’s still 90 here!! But I’m loving that sweater, you’ll never know where you’ll find a great piece!

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