Grab your coffee and sit awhile ! My name is Tammy, this is where I'll post about fashion, family and photography. As my children have gotten older I wanted to find an outlet for my creative side so the reason for this blog. I love having the opportunity to share our stories and photos on here for friends and family to follow along. We also have little grandchildren, who all by the way still like getting their pictures taken. This makes me happy so of course you'll see bits and pieces of them on here too. I may not be the best writer or have the greatest grammar but it's safe to say that I'm sure that I'm like a lot of you and love sharing what makes me happy !


Weekend Re-Cap !

This weekend was one of my favorites ! Any time my family comes into town I'm so happy. 
My sister Gigi and my niece Cloe came to meet Emiree Monroe and to spend the day with us. BTW, Emiree just turned 1 month old on Oct. 23rd.  
Of course they came bearing presents for the birthday girl and new baby girl Emiree.

Cousins Paige and Cloe. Our oldest daughter Paige rarely wants her picture taken.  I've decided to be more pushy and tell her she'll regret it later in life.  I love snapping photos of her with her children but she always begs me to not post them... so I don't, I follow her instruction.
I look back at photos of me with my kids and boy oh boy did I have some fantastic haircuts !!! NOT
but you know what ?? I love looking back and seeing how much we've all grown and changed,  I am glad  whoever took the photos of me and the kids just did it and didn't ask me.

My sister brought Emiree this adorable Lion Outfit.
Of course we both snapped photos of her in it.  This baby girl is so loved. 

I had one of the best photo sessions with this adorable family.
It was a bit chilly and the wind was blowing but we made the best of it.
I love having sessions with mamas who look forward to photos for their holiday cards.
I don't know about you but one of my favorite things about the holidays are opening cards of families who make it a point to get their picture made for Christmas Cards.  
I love seeing how much everyones grown from the year before. 
However, I think less and less people are sending out cards and it truly makes me sad.

Any time my niece comes to visit we do a quick photo session at one of my favorite parks.
She is such a happy girl and I love her tons.  I edited lots of fabulous photos of this sweet girl and I loved every minute. 

We are having much colder weather here in Omaha and they're actually calling for snow this week. 
Yikes.... I'm not sure I'm ready for SNOW !!!!
We watched lots of football and enjoyed company.
Have a fabulous Monday friends. 

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