Grab your coffee and sit awhile ! My name is Tammy, this is where I'll post about fashion, family and photography. As my children have gotten older I wanted to find an outlet for my creative side so the reason for this blog. I love having the opportunity to share our stories and photos on here for friends and family to follow along. We also have little grandchildren, who all by the way still like getting their pictures taken. This makes me happy so of course you'll see bits and pieces of them on here too. I may not be the best writer or have the greatest grammar but it's safe to say that I'm sure that I'm like a lot of you and love sharing what makes me happy !


A Little Bit of What I'm Loving !

Happy Friday ! 
It's my favorite time of the year.  The holiday decorating, baking and shopping ! I love love love it all. 

I got a bit a lot antsy and decided to decorate a little around our home.
I didn't put up our tree, that I'll wait til Thanksgiving dinner is over.  At least I'm going to try and wait.

I added a little tree and a family on the sleigh to my nightstand.  
It's just the right amount of Christmas for my bedroom for now. 

On our bed I'll add some pretty Christmas Pillows because they are so cute.
I'll share later when I decide it's time to add more decorations. 

In our living room I added a few doodads to a little table.  Those glass candlestick holders are a gift from our son Payton when he was little.  I'm pretty sure my hubby took all the kids to the Dollar Store and gave them each five dollars to buy a few gifts.  Payton was so thoughtful and I promise to keep these candle holders forever. 

I found the little nativity set at my favorite thrift store a few years ago.  It's just the cutest ever.

We had these three over the other night for dinner and then after dinner the bigger two spent the night with us.
Ameer our three year old grandson still loves being with his mama every minute of the day. 

Funny story but every single time I try and get a photo of these three it's a complete struggle.  However, on this particular morning I unexpectedly told the kids to get on the couch for a quick photos and they did it with no whining, arguing and it completely made this grandma happy. 
These things may seem small to some but to me it's a big hurdle. 

I am loving this sweet baby girl AKA Emiree Monroe !
Our youngest grandchild.  
She'll be 2 months on the 23rd ! 

I'm loving my new opportunity as a SeneGence Distributor ! I have placed several orders for products that scream holiday.  This lip color duo that I'm wearing in the above photo is three layers of Blu-Red lip color and one layer of Desert Topaz Gloss. 

The other morning I decided to try Sheer Berry along with Moisturizing Gloss and it's the perfect combo.
Ladies, there are so many lip color options ! 

Enjoy your weekend !


Melissa said...

Those lip colors are just gorgeous on you, and that sweet baby girl?! Gorgeous - swooning over this squishy cheekies from over here! I also love the touches of holiday decorations. I'm so tempted to decorate early this year since we'll be out of the country all December haha

simply styling said...

Thank you Melissa ! I love on our little granddaughter as much as I can, she and the other three are my joy ! I'm itching to put up our tree BUT everyone in our house says WAIT !!! Ughhh.

ALLIE NYC said...

Hey thanks for sharing all this your home looks lovely. And either lipstick shade is lovely and I must say, what a great family you have.

Allie of

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