Grab your coffee and sit awhile ! My name is Tammy, this is where I'll post about fashion, family and photography. As my children have gotten older I wanted to find an outlet for my creative side so the reason for this blog. I love having the opportunity to share our stories and photos on here for friends and family to follow along. We also have little grandchildren, who all by the way still like getting their pictures taken. This makes me happy so of course you'll see bits and pieces of them on here too. I may not be the best writer or have the greatest grammar but it's safe to say that I'm sure that I'm like a lot of you and love sharing what makes me happy !


Halloween 2019 !

We had chilly weather here in Omaha but it didn't stop these three from dressing up and going trick-or-treating ! Jai'Vier wanted be something scary so Ray found him the silver mask, it's pretty cool because with a press of a button the blue part lights up in the dark.  Ameer is three and really into super hero's so he is Iron Man !!!
Little Miss Mia is dressed up in an adorable Unicorn outfit that I bought her. 

Halloween 2019 ! 

Halloween 2018 ! 

My sweet Unicorn ! 
I always find her costume at Marshall's and they usually have such an amazing selection !

My dude !!

Our Iron Man !! 

Every year since our son Bryton went to the same elementary school as our grandkids  (which happens to be a little over 5 years ago) the kids all dress in their costumes and parade around the school on Halloween ! It's super cute watching the kids walk by  looking so proud of what they are wearing for the BIG Day !

I always look forward to this day. 
I never miss it. 

Jai'Viers class ! 

Miss Mia wanted to dress as a nerd ! 

It's such fun day for the kids. 
I love seeing all the creativity that some of the parents put into the costumes. 

Have a great Friday ! 

Happy November ! 

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Julie | This Main Line Life said...

The kids look so cute. Halloween is so much fun with little kids. Ours are teens now, so of course, they ditched us to go hang out with their friends.

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