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Walking in a Winter Wonderland !

Hey ladies Happy Wednesday ! We woke up to snow, not a lot but just enough to make things look pretty here in Omaha. 

 I'm spending the day prepping for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.
I'm not hosting dinner instead our oldest daughter is and I'm actually thrilled with the idea of having it somewhere else.
We've got a smaller place and so her home makes more sense for hosting. 
But... I'm making one of our favorite side dishes, Calico bean bake and it's so yummy ! It's filled with beans (all kinds) hamburger, bacon, a bit of onion, honey mustard barbecue sauce and I make it with love.
I also make the ham and fluff, are you all familiar with fluff ?
It's a marshmallow, cool whip and jello desert with crushed pineapple ! It's really good and the kids especially love it.

I found another pair of boots while at the thrift store !
I was on the hunt for a tall dressier boot and you better believe that I found a pair for under $9.00  !
Oh how I love finding what I need and it such great quality.
I'm almost certain that the wreath I'm holding I found there last year.
I'm always looking for props for Christmas photos and the thrift store is another place to find amazing little things.

I'm laughing because my 14 year old son is groaning while taking these photos of me outside.
We have snow and colder temps and he didn't think he needed to dress for the elements.
I warned him and so I didn't feel bad. 

Hoping you all have the most fabulous Thanksgiving.
We will be surrounded with lots of family and friends.
I always try and tell myself to not over indulge but you know what ?
I love this time of the year and all the deliciousness and so I'm going to enjoy the day and if I over eat I have a gym membership ! 


Jodi Walters said...

My Mom always made the "Fluff" soooooo good and so easy! She passed away the day after Easter of Pancreatic Cancer and not a day goes by that I don't miss her. We lost my Dad 2 years ago and my MIL last year so things are so different. Still trying to keep up with the Traditions that we all love, but a lot of them just hurt my heart too much. My son Joey is 10 and I have 2 adult step-daughters in Seattle who unfortunately can't make it to Ohio for Christmas due to work. ....Hopefully January for Joeys Birthday.

Had Thanksgiving here and made ALL the goodies! LOTS of football in this house. Im a Dallas Cowboys fan so I was not a happy camper. Your Calico Beans sound amazing I will have to make them. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Many blessings,

simply styling said...

Thank you for stopping by an commenting on my blog. So sorry to hear about the passing of your mom and father ! I agree keep the traditions going at least as many as you can ! I love fluff and it’s simple yet good ! We are Dallas Cowboy fans too and uggh what a game. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving ! Hope you have a great weekend and if you blog please send me the link ! Thank you


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