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Weekend Re-Cap !

I spent a little time walking around the women's section at Target this past week.  I'm usually in and out after getting groceries and rarely see what they have for clothing. This past summer I remember reading a blog post by my favorite blogger mentioning that she found several adorable dresses and so it peaked my interest a  little. I've mentioned it a million times on here but I truly most only shop for clothing at Marshall's or on Amazon.  It's just simple and so easy.
While looking around I came across the adorable and oh so soft leopard sweater. I love it and of course I bought it.  Yep, I added yet another leopard top to my wardrobe but I'm not mad. 
I'll wear it a lot this winter. 

I also found the softest mock turtleneck sweater.  It's just the perfect evergreen and I will repeat it's the softest and warmest sweater ever. 
It comes in several colors and I plan on going back to grab it in several more colors. 
I was a little worried that I'd get to hot wearing it, but that's not the case.  I was really surprised cause I'm at that age you know where the hot flashes hit at anytime.  

Here's a little better look at it.

Here's another cute sweater that came in the mail on Friday . This one I ordered off Amazon.   I decided to wear it on Saturday when traveling a few hours to have lunch with my sister.
It's the same material weight and style as the one that I bought at Target. Both sweaters are so soft.

I'm a distributor for SeneGence ! Lipsense is my favorite stuff and when I saw that they were running a special in October for signing up I couldn't resist. 
I wear it all the time, the fact that I can put my lipstick on and have it last all day is a game changer. 
I repeat, you put it on in the morning and apply gloss over top and ladies, you don't have to put any other layers of lipstick on throughout the day, NONE ! You only need to apply the gloss and that's all.
It's a no brainer ! 

On Saturday morning my sister and I FaceTimed and she asked me if I had any plans for the day.
I didn't besides watching college football.  She suggested that we meet in Des Moines for lunch and shopping.  My husband heard our conversation and he thought I should go.
So I did and we had a great time as usual.
Besides the mall being jam packed with people and a long wait to eat it was a great time. 

We ate at The Cheesecake Factory and went into Anthropologie where I found the prettiest coffee mugs.  
I'll share more details on them in another post.

We decided to head across the street to our favorite Starbucks and grab a quick fall drink. By the way the Caramel Apple Cider drink is fabulous, it's very sweet but ohhhh sooo good ! Per usual my sister didn't want any photos taken of her (as usual) so I snapped a quick photo of me waiting for my drink order to be ready. Because WHY NOT ! 

It was a fabulous weekend,, a few things in the mix for this week.  
Stay tuned and I might spill what's all happening in my life.

Here's to a fabulous week friends ! 


Melissa said...

I love that evergreen sweater! I'm so finicky with color in my wardrobe, but I think I might actually love something like that, myself! You look gorgeous!

simply styling said...

Thank you Melissa ! It's the perfect coloraturas of green ! Go grab one at Target !

Hena Tayeb said...

Love that leopard print sweater.

simply styling said...

Thank you Hena !!!

Julie | This Main Line Life said...

I like all those sweaters and the fleece too. I think the first is my fave.

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