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Weekend Re-Cap !

Happy President's Day !
I'm not planning on doing a whole lot today.
I know there are lots of sales going on and as much as I'd love to shop I'm trying to be more disciplined. 
I'm only purchasing pieces that are high quality and that I'll know I'll wear a lot.
It's so easy to log onto Amazon each day and see so many wonderful bargains.  I see a deal and add it to my cart and the next thing I know I've ordered four shirts and when they arrive they are paper thin and I  tell myself to return them but then I forget.  So..... I've told myself this year I'll be better this year.  

This dress isn't from Amazon ! 
Let me repeat... This dress isn't from Amazon. 
I bought a few really nice dresses on line last week and over the weekend I tried them on and fell in love.
The price point is more than I'd normally spend however,  the quality and material of the dresses is  so much better than I've had in a long long time. 

This one is probably my favorite of the two.
I saw this on one of my favorite influencers and I love her style so much and decided to order one. 
We are taking a trip in early April to the West Coast and I want a few long sleeve dresses.
For reference, I ordered both dresses in a Petite Medium.

Oh how I love roses. 
These are some of the prettiest from the hubs.

On Friday my daughters and I went to Village Inn for breakfast.
The two youngest grandkids joined us.

I didn't get any photos.

Saturday was low key during the day, in the evening we had family and friends over for cards.
Other than that I hope you have a great Monday !

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